Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Linda Ronstadt Speaks Up

And promptly gets booed and heckled... people stormed out and tore down posters and threw cocktails. It was 'bedlam' apparently.

She was escorted off the property and not even allowed into the dressing room. Like a common criminal beacuse she had the temerity to have an opinion.

This is a disgrace. America officially went to the dogs some time after the 2000 election. No one believes anymore than America is a land of liberty or democracy. Their constitution is under constant attack from the laws emanating from Washington. And we all know that elected officials have their pockets lined by lobby groups. Elected officials dont' even read legislation that they pass!!!

Wake up America!! Become political!!! It's time you took back your country from the power hungry billionaires who run your lives as wage slaves. Politics should not be the sole domain of those rich enough and egotistical enough to pursue it. It should be the birthright of every american to get involved and get concerned. Turn off MTV, turn off the sport and read a book!!

Cause if you don't do it now you'll never get it back.